David Austin Sky

David Austin Sky
Plays improvisational background music
for Luncheons, Banquets, Conferences, and Events.

Improvisational background music is music played to enhance the event not overpower it. By playing at an appropriate volume with a variety of tempos and moods, the music adds to the enjoyment of the event. The music is loud enough to encourage everyone to talk and soft enough so they can hear each other.
JB is my favorite guitar. She enjoys the sun through the window at my home in Ohio. She is a natural blonde.

Background music sets the stage for pleasurable dining, promoting the shopping experience, and creating a memorable time with friends.

Have David play music for your luncheon or banquet program, then have him present the keynote! There is no charge for the music if David is also doing a presentation. Imagine, music and stories for your program!

For more information,
email: Dave@DaveSky.com
office: 614.235.7369
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