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David has been telling stories for a long time.


I believe that learning should be fun. My programs mix useful information with humorous stories. My programs are designed to meet the needs of your audience.

1. Hearing the Unheard Story

This creative workshop will give advanced tools for listening and helping. We express what is troubling us in stories and actions before we have awareness of why we are doing it. Unheard Stories influence our behavior, our choices and our actions. Since the mind loves to answer questions, learn how to design questions to get information, give insight and bring awareness. The skills will be explained by stories, handouts, activities, and demonstrations. Past participants have called this workshop a life-changing skill. This will change how we listen. This will change how we help.

This program has been described as “deep disturbing fun!”
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2. The Slow Down Life

The slow down life is living the best that we know how with methods that we are willing to use to have a life that reduces stress and enhances enjoyment of living. This humorous program looks at Stress, Story and Simple Stuff. Stress speeds up our life up to a frantic pace, the stories we tell ourself reenforce the fast pace or tell us to take care of ourselves. Simple stuff is what works for us to have the slow down life.

Slow down to have a life!
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3. Counselor as Storyteller:
Telling Stories to Help People Get Unstuck

We tell about our lives by story. We tell what we need and what we have done by our stories. We take in new directions for our lives by being given a new story. Recognizing our stories is the basis of most counseling techniques. Stories can give new information, experiences and options.

We communicate our ideas and understand our world by stories. Doesn’t it make sense to help others with stories?
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4. Rubber Duckies, and Red Wagons:
Wisdom from Childhood

Wisdom is being able to look back at our common experiences and laugh! This popular keynote is a wonderful way to start or end any conference. When we think back on our stories, we will realize that we are more alike than different, that we are more childlike and more human with a capacity to love than we realized. We will remember the important lessons of life from our stories.

After the program, the best childhood stories will be told by the participants to each other on the way home!
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5. For People Like Us: Taking Charge of Stress!

Stress is the body’s way of warning us of a threat. This workshop will allow us to use our strengths when we are surrounded by stress by understanding the concepts of story and shopping. When we understand our stories, we know what motivates our responses to stress. When we understand how we shop, we will know how we usually make choices. Who knew our shopping skills would help reduce our stress! Remember, we picked out our significant other using our shopping skills!

If you want to understand human behavior, just watch people shop!
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6. Gladness in the Now: Celebrating What We Do!

David's stories will allow for celebrating our accomplishments and enjoying our awards. This keynote will have the audience laughing and reflecting on the joy in what we do!

Gladness in the Now is Joy!
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7. The Greydance: Telling Your Spiritual Journey

There is an intersection in our lives where our beliefs and behaviors collide, and we are faced with our choices. This is the Greydance. Knowing what we believe and why we act on it is a base of power in these troubled times. Telling our stories is a source of power and understanding. David’s Master's Degree is in the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Ministry from the Methodist Theological School.

The goal of this workshop is for the participants to understand their journey and not to change their beliefs.
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Past Programs Available

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  • See the Forest, Hear the Trees: The Art of Storylistening
  • I Bought It on Sale and Other Interesting Choices
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  • Creating the Powerful Questions
  • Listening to Lead
  • Hearing the Story that Matters: Listening to Your Loved Ones
  • Client Engagement Through Storylistening and Storytelling
  • Stress, Story, Spirituality and Serenity

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