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The Art of Storylistening

This book contains information from the listening skills I have been teaching for the last 15 years including: Storylistening, Creating Powerful Questions, Creating Stories to Help and a chapter on how to Hear Your Own Stories. The book has all the information taught in my 25 hour course. The book is 8.5 by 11 inches and uses premium 32 pound paper. [click here for the preface of the book]

$25 each, postage included


A Storybook for Grownups!
Second Edition -- June 2007

Is a collection of stories I have told at keynotes and workshops with new stories never told out loud. These stories will bring a thoughtful smile. The book is 8.5 by 11 inches and uses premium 32 pound paper to give the reader a storybook feel.

“Is there a way I can get a copy of the stories you tell?”
“Do you have a book of your stories?”
“Do you write your own stories?”
“Your stories remind me of my childhood.”
“I understand your stories. Should I be worried?”

[Click here for the Introduction]

$15 each, postage included


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