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David Austin Sky
About David

Yes, it is me in the tub! I had hair then.

My goal is to create and and present humorous programs that share life’s wisdom.

People like stories! David's background in counseling gives him a wonderful perspective to create and present learning stories. His interactive programs have a balance of humor and useful information. People do not remember lists of information. People think and remember by stories!

David's Bio

David Austin Sky has enjoyed life as a full-time speaker and trainer. He tells stories to share life’s wisdom. His daughter says that he puts wings on simple words. Audiences say he is a child in a bald man suit. David has a Master's Degree from the Methodist Theological School. He is the author of See the Forest, Hear the Trees: The Art of Storylistening and Sky Stories: A Storybook for Grownups. David has been a counselor, a bar band musician, U.S. Air Force Crew Chief, and a janitor at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Maybe he cannot hold a steady job.

David has been a full-time presenter since 1985.

David will:

  • stay on time and deliver useful information while being entertaining.
  • present skills that can be used immediately.
  • design your program so that learning is enjoyable.

A Sampling of client comments

Program: Celebrating What We Do
Great presentation-Dave, you have a gift at entertaining while you teach.
Jennifer Fletcher, District-Wide Training for the Eastern District of Tennessee U. S. Probation Office

I enjoyed the dancing part—Just what a weary conference organizer needed! 
Toni Young, National Association of Social Workers Michigan Annual Conference

David Sky is the ultimate professional. He was a valuable part of our conference. Our conference participants were very pleased with both the presentation and the (his solo guitar) music. 
Jo Beyer, West Virginia Share the Vision Conference

David was an ideal speaker for our awards banquet. His upbeat presentation allowed us all to acknowledge that we are good people doing a great job and we need to celebrate our works and ourselves! 
Donna Hillman, Division of Mental Health, KY

Program: See the Forest Hear the Trees  
The Art of Storylistening

The informal feedback is that everyone loved it!
I found you to be exceptionally open and flexible, great at quickly responding to all forms of communication and a pleasure to work with!!!

Laurie Rokutani, Virginia Summer Institute for Addictions Studies

Program: I Bought It on Sale and Other Interesting Choices
I did read some of the evaluations and found that people were very pleased with your presentation. They found the topic interesting and you were very entertaining.
Shannon Duffany, Building on Behalf of Children, An Early Childhood Conference
Ann Arbor, MI

Program: Custom Designed Inservice
Especially liked the way Dave worked with us prior to the in-service to ascertain his presentation was relevant to my staff. Thanks Dave!
Sharon Beck, Principal Northridge Elementary School, OH

Program: Paying Attention to Your Inner Village Idiot in the Quest for Happiness
Dave was a perfect presenter for our group. He knew the audience and tailored his presentation accordingly. We had a great time! 
Melissa Miller, Southeast, Inc. Staff Appreciation Program

Program: Rubber Duckies and Red Wagons: Wisdom from Childhood
We really enjoyed working with you. You made the booking and presenting process easy for us! You were very interesting and a joy to work with!
Melissa Bridges, Making A Difference in the Life of Every Child Conference
Child Development Program, University of Alabama

Program: Leadership by Listening  
Storylistening for Leader Managers and Supervisors

David did an excellent job. He took his art for storylistening and was successful in providing a sound tool for leaders.
David Noel, Surgical Science Vanderbilt Medical Center 
Association of Academic Surgical Administrators National Education Conference, Las Vegas NV

For People Like Us, Dealing with Stress and Negativity (6 hour Program)
You are the easiest person to work with all year!
Thank you so much1 I can’t wait to work with you again next year! Everything was great.

Jamie Allmon, McLeod Addictive Disease Center

Experience why audiences say:
"David is a child trapped in a bald man suit!"

David Austin Sky  
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